I see a lot of person talking about how ajax is cool and it helps you doing things that you couldn't do before it was “invented”. What most of these people don't know is that most of the coolest features are not ajax. Ajax is just a way to communicate between a client and a server without reloading the whole page. The rest of it is javascript, DHtml (dynamic Html) and CSS (cascading style-sheet).

Ajax forces javascript

Most people hate javascript but they want to do ajax, this is a duality. How do they overcome that problem? By using tons of javascript library and copying javascript snippets from tons of different sites. You know what? That won't be any help for having well structured javascript. You just have to take javascript as seriously as your server-side language.

The structure

I saw a lot of web applications that were (almost) well documented. The developers spent hours thinking about doing a framework (argh!) that would help him handle all the code he will one day try to write. They didn't have any thought about how they would write the javascript that will handle all that shit. “It will just flow” they say. No. I won't “just flow”. It will be a mess.

Think about the javascript you'll have to write and treat it with respect.


Once again, people do not make any difference between ajax and DHtml. When something in a page moves, it's ajax. No, it's DHtml. Ajax is just the response from the server that triggered the moving request. With DHtml, you can dynamically change the Html of your page using Javascript/DHtml (hey, I'm not talking about the innerHTML property). That's where the javascript librairies (like jquery, script.aculo.us or mochikit) will help because the basic DHtml offered by javascript (with the DOM) is a real pain in the ass.

And CSS???

I also wrote Do not use the style property on HTML objects. That's where CSS enters the battle.