I talked earlier about bookmarklets and how wonderful they are. In today's web2.0 world, you can't have a successful application without giving your users a cool bookmarklet. It can be easy to do sometimes (like the one of del.icio.us) but you always want to do more and it gets more complex… until the day you hit the wall

The problem

You can't execute code without a click of the user. It is obvious to 99,42% of you, but there will be a day when you'll just say “I want to execute some friggin' code without a click from the user”. Even if you want to do it to simplify the life of the user, you can't. There must be a solution.

The solution

For now, the solution is called GreaseMonkey. This is a Firefox add-on that executes javascript automatically when certain pages are called.

Example, I want every background color of every web page I visit to be gray. I would create a script with this code

document.body.style.backgroundColor = "gray";

and it would just work.

The problems of the solution

It is Firefox only. With around 75% market shares, Internet Explorer just can't be forgotten. It is too complex. The user has to know how to install add-ons and how to install greasemonkey scripts. It is way to hard for a normal user.

The real solution

I don't have one and that's why guys that I ask you : how to execute javascript code automatically without a click from the user?

I want all the solutions you can give to me wether it is real or fantasy.

Thanks alot!