Frank (of Ruby Fleebie) and I have been busy lately. We worked together on a project called Ecstatik!

What is Ecstatik!?

Ecstatik! is a project that caused Frank and I to be busy lately. But it's not just that.

Ecstatik! is a digg-like for funny stuff. No more than that. We didn't want to make the world a better place, we wanted to have a common project and get it done. A project that would break the classic cycle of “I have a project and it will be big” and ends up in a black-hole somewhere in the universe.

For the moment, there's no fancy features. Not even a good looking design. These things will come one day but the main idea is keep it simple, stupid. This is an overheard expression but an underused one. I think that this time, we've done it.

How is it done?

Ecstatik! is all Rails. It was my first time and I rediscovered how pleasant could be the server-side development. I worked with PHP a lot recently and was bored of it. It is so redundant. Create an object. Write a form to create/edit the object. Write SQL to handle this object. Write some more SQL to work with objects that are linked. I hate that! Rails does all that redundant work for you and if you want, you can modify or optimize it without being restricted. This is the way life for a developer should be.

Don't hesitate and go for Rails!

The javascript side

I didn't write a lot of javascript because I wanted learn as much as possible about rails. For the voting process, I used ajax/json via JQuery. This javascript library is simply amazing.
  • The selectors combine javascript, css and xpath. It is the most complete HTML object selection ever seen by human.
  • The manipulation of HTML object are easily modifiable.
  • The ajax support offers all we could want of ajax.
Take a look at ecstatik! and have fun!