When I began with object-oriented javascript, I always saw a self here and there without fully understanding what it meant.


When you see self in some object-oriented javascript, it's just mean that the developer is using a closure that will reference the current object via a variable named self. Because self is a variable, it could be named anything else. The use of “self” as a name is a unwritten convention but it could be whatever you want.
// Create a cat
  function Cat() {
      this.theCatName = "Mistigri";

// The cat will meow later Cat.prototype.meowLater = function() { // I create the variable self that refers to the this (the current object) var self = this;

// I create a timeout that calls the self.meow function within an anonymous function
  /*** NOTE : You don't always have to create an anonymous function it's just that in
      this case, it is required ***/
      function() {
      , 1000);


// The cat meows
  Cat.prototype.meow = function() {
      // I can use the this expression!!!
      alert(this.theCatName + " : meow!");

// I crate an object and call the meowLater() function var theCat = new Cat(); theCat.meowLater();

Why not use the this?

Because when using closures within an object, the this in the called function (in the above example, in the meow() function) is the window object.