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There are hundreds of ways to do inheritance in javascript but a single one is simpler, cleanier and prettier than all the other ones.

Note! Before reading this article, you should take a look at How to create objects in object-oriented javascript.

A one-liner

To inherit a class in javascript, it's a one-liner
TheSubClass.prototype = new TheParentClass();
As simple as that!

Where to write the one-liner

The problem with that one-liner is where should it goes? Once again, the answer is simple : after the constructor of the sub-class. It may look strange but it is extremely effective.
/* The constructor of the Mammal class */
  function Mammal() {

/* The constructor of the Cat class / function Cat() { } // The magic that inherits Cat from Mammal is here!!!!! Cat.prototype = new Mammal();

Is this true inheritance?

In the hundreds of other ways of inheriting classes in javascript, I think that this is the only one that is a true inheritance. What do I mean by true inheritance? I mean that javascript recognizes it as a sub-class of the class. Check this out!
/ Above code goes here */

// Create a cat var theCat = new Cat();

// Check if the cat is an instance of the Cat class if (theCat instanceof Cat) { alert("theCat is an instance of the Cat class"); }

// Check if the cat is an instance of the Mammal class if (theCat instanceof Mammal) { alert("theCat is an instance of the Mammal class"); }

If you execute this code, you'll see that the cat is an instance of the Cat class and the Mammal class.