I proudly announce a new attracting feature for javascriptkata.com : Ask Dan a javascript question. What is Ask Dan a javascript question? Ask Dan a javascript question is the new attracting feature of javascriptkata.com. Readers (you) ask Dan (me) a javascript question and that will be answered on javascriptkata.com. There's more! When asking Dan a javascript question, you could receive an answer and a link to your site… for free! Isn't it exciting? And you know what? Ask two questions and receive… not zero… not one… but two answers and links to your site. Isn't it awesome?

I began by asking some friends to ask Dan (me) a javascript question. Here they are… and you know what? You can read them for free!

PM asked Dan : Does javascript can become a sort of bisexual slave that makes my toasts every morning? Answer : I'm afraid that the answer is no. Javascript doesn't offer that kind of feature but maybe you could be interested in How to use JSON.

Emile asked Dan : If a kid wants to begin using javascript, does he need a 10 000$ computer or he can use a metal wire and a battery to create binary? Answer : You know what? It's up to you to decide which one suits you best. 10 000$ computer? Fine. Metal wire and battery? Fine too. Isn't it a perfect world? By the way, maybe you could be interested in How to use JSON.

Now, it's up to you to Ask Dan a javascript question by sending a mail to dan@javascriptkata.com.

Did I mention that sending an email is… free!

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