I received two questions about librairies in the Ask Dan a javascript question serie. Don't forget to ask me your questions too by sending a mail at dan@javascriptkata.com.


Camilou asked

Is it too hard to a poor mortal like me to achieve that fancy effects that some libraries like Prototype do offer? I mean, that drag-and-drop stuff looks pretty complicated to me. Or maybe I am just too noob.

Drag-and-drop is complicated but not that much. Thousands of people have done it before the libraries-era. But, I'd say that if you want to achieve something similar to prototype, you'll probably work for months. Prototype is the most known javascript library and if you start today, there's little chance you will get as far as them. Sorry. But if you have a very different and easier way of doing things, maybe you'll succeed.

Creating a new library

Frank Stepanski asked

If I want to start creating my own JS libraries, how do I start? If you have no better idea than re-implementing what already exists in other libraries, you'll never know where to start. A new library should fill a hole that is not filled by anyone else. So, you'll find where to start the day that you will want to do something and that you won't find any library that does it.


We are still working on TimmyOnTime. TimmyOnTime is a time-management that uses instant messaging so you don't forget to track your time. There are still places available for the alpha period. Please, give us some feedback.