Like most of you already knew, I'm working with Frank Lamontagne of Ruby Fleebie on a project called TimmyOnTime. We had the chance to present it at the last Barcamp Montreal and it went… really bad! If you want to know more about the whole adventure (and have a good laugh), click here to read the story written by Frank. (By the way, I used a good ol' click here link just for the fun of it… I never did it before and frankly, I like it… almost…).

What happens with Javascript Kata?

I know, I have been negligent with site. It's really shameful to let a great site die and there's no one to blame but me. Why I did that? I could give hundreds of reasons but they would all be lies. I really don't know what happened.

I want to give another twist to JavascriptKata. I want to get back to a more tradional reference site because I don't like the concept of a technical blog after all. I want the articles to be more persistent, not just a post that everyone forget about after a while.

But, there would be a RSS feed too. I would announce new articles on the site. I would also use it to debate on tricky things about javascript and then make an article out of it.

I really would like to hear you about this idea, please comment!