If you are javascripter, chances are that you must work with some back-end languages like ASP.NET, ColdFusion, Ruby On Rails or PHP. If you work with a back-end language, chances are that you become frustrated against it sometimes. That's why I created I hate PHP.

What is it?

I hate PHP helps you to evacuate your daily frustrations against the PHP language via Twitter. It's simple. You must tell your twitter username to I hate PHP (on the website) and then, send a direct message to the ihatephp twitter user in the following format : d ihatephp a thing that frustrates you in PHP.

Why against PHP?

I could have done it against a lot of languages because they all suck in their own special way. But the moment I was thinking about the project, I was working with PHP and I just kept sending IM messages to Frank (of Ruby Fleebie) to tell him about things that frustrated me in PHP. I just made it more “official” and now I tell it to the world via I hate PHP.

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