[Update 2009-09-20 : I will try to bring back ads. I removed them because I was frustrated, I bring them back as an experience.]

JavascriptKata was created in the blog bubble. In a time when all you had to do was to create a blog, put ads on it and you were rich. It never was true. The ads on this blog gave me about 100$ in a year so I finally felt discouraged and left it for dead. Nevertheless, this blog as a good share of traffic and more subscribers in the feed than any blog that I've owned/I own/will own. In fact, I call it a blog but it's not really a blog. I used wordpress and that's the main reason why I'm calling it a blog.

I tried several things to keep my interest in writing about javascript but they all failed because there was the devil saying “anyways, you don't make any money out of it”. But there was the angel saying “maybe you don't make money but you like javascript and should continue to write about it”. As usual, the devil won.

I won't try to make another revival of this blog but I'll try to write more about little things that happens between me and javascript, about the daily problems that I encounter. I'll write a lot about jquery too since for me, there can be no javascript without jquery.

Thanks to all of you!