I write this blog since 2007, my first post (which I'm not too proud of after 5 years) was written on March 19, 2007. In those 5 years, a lot happened. Personally, I have burst periods when I write posts for 2 weeks then I disappear. On the web, there are two things that turned the javascript world upside-down :

  1. Node.js
  2. Coffeescript

Everyone agrees on the former, nobody agrees on the latter.

After years of javascript, I took the decision to go 99.9% coffeescript and avoid javascript as much as I can. Here are 3 to 5 reasons why I took this decision :

Coffeescript is idented

My first relationship with an indented language was with COBOL in 1998. I was deeply into Delphi/Pascal at this time this identation simply didn't make sense. The first time I wrote HTML, it wasn't indented. It didn't take long before I was completely lost in a maze of opening and closing tags.

So one day, I took the decision to always indent my files the same way, even if I had no obligation to. In fact, I think we all took that decision because I never see unindented languages being unindented. It would be suicide.

It ends up that I'm indenting my code anyway, why not leave out a couple of useless characters while I'm it?


I pretty much hate the word function because it's long to write and it's plastered everywhere the moment you begin to write well structured javascript. Arrows are shorter and combined with indentation, you transform a callback


We are writing code, not emoticons

I'm talking about ; , ( ) { } :. This kind of stuff should only be used to write emoticons.

transforms to


You want to execute a function only if it is not null and is actually a function? In classic javascript, I have to think about it but I would do something like :

I would have to test it somewhere to make sure that typeof returns function and not Function (capitalized). Let's forget about this ugly code and write :

This is just an example, learn coffeescript to know more.

String interpolation

Really? I have to use +? I even used arrays to make it clearer not too long ago :

Let's add some decency :

Ashkenas (creator of coffeescript) is my brother

I met MACournoyer 2-3 times. He is the guy who wrote the best book about creating a programming language. This incredible book inspired Ashkenas to create coffeescript. As you can see, we have a very close relationship, he is literally like a brother to me!