Flot : a new plotting plugin for jQuery 2008-01-21

As you probably know, I'm a big fan of jQuery because it is more integrated with CSS than scriptaculous. Someone have made a new plotting plugin for jQuery called Flot and this is awesome. The examples are really looking good.

Intuitive Date Input Selection : a calendar with a special twist 2008-01-15

If you're a javascripter, chances are that you coded an infamous javascript calendar in your life. I saw somewhere that at the moment of his death, an normal javascripter will have coded an average of 7.4 javascript calendar. If we estimate that there is 2.3 million javascripters in the world, it means that there will be about 17 020 000 javascript calendar when the first generation of javascripter will be extinct. I don't remember where I was those numbers but I guess they are accurate…

Today I will present 13.51% of all the calendars that Nathaniel Brown will have done in his life : DateTime Toolbocks. But this one has a little twist. Apart being an ugly looking calendar that shows up when you click on an ugly looking icon, it has an intuitive date input selection. It means that it parses natural language and transform it into a datetime value. You want to select a date to be last week? You simply write last week and the date will be last week.

Intuitive Date Input Selection

But there's a lot more of possible (taken from the site)

  • Today
  • tod
  • tomorrow
  • tom
  • yesterday
  • 6
  • 6th
  • 6th October
  • 3rd of Feb
  • 10th Feb 2004
  • 14th of Februrary
  • 12 feb
  • 1 ja
  • mon
  • Friday
  • next Friday
  • next fri
  • next m
  • last Monday
  • last mon
  • last m
  • 2004-8-8 (ISO)
  • 2004-04-04
  • 1/24/2005 (US)
  • 4/26
  • 10-24-2005
  • Next Week
  • Last Year
  • Next Month
  • 18.11.2004
  • 2 years ago
  • ten days from now
  • 11 years from today

Tips on bookmarklet 2008-01-14

Gary Haran wrote stuff you should know about bookmarklet and answer the question that's on everybody's lips : what is the maximum number of characters that a bookmarklet can have? And the answer is… 508!

I also wrote a complete article on how to write a bookmarklet.

JavaScript Closures for Dummies 2008-01-10

Closures are really powerful in javascript. The problem with them is that a lot of javascripters don't understand them well. When I first started working seriously with closures, I had so many questions and no answers… until I read JavaScript Closures for Dummies. Don't be fooled by the “for dummies” that could make you think about low-quality information as every “for dummies” books. The article of Morris Johns is detailed and precise… but lenghty.

Don't forget to del.icio.us it and use it as a reference!

New on Javascript Kata : the echo chamber 2008-01-08

Since the beginning of the new year, I'm offering to javascripters the echo chamber. What is it? It's a category where I will post news about what happens in the javascript world. I will try to avoid ajax related news because Ajaxian already does the job really well.

You can subscribe to the RSS feed with all the articles or to the RSS feed without the articles from the echo chamber.

Some may have noticed that I redesigned the site. The old design was long overdue and it was a pleasure for my eyes to have a new one.

I would also like to have your feedback on what you think of the new echo chamber and design?